RPA Advertising Video

Relevant PWS Sections: (Advertising Services), (Public Relations Services/Outreach), (Promotional Materials), (Video/Film Production), and (Graphics Design)

Team AMC designers, enabled by the AMC Strategic Communications Practice, developed an advertising video to illustrate the complex activities happening within AMC’s Robotic Process Automation tool suite.

Challenge: AMC Corporate lacked a mechanism to illustrate the capabilities of its new RPA tool suite. A video was needed that encapsulated the benefits and functionality of Robotic Process Automation.

Solution: Team AMC created various video products to outline RPA capabilities, focused around a simple invoicing use case, as well as a more complex use case involving electronic health records (embedded here). The videos were designed for display to potential buyers at conferences and trade shows, informing future clients on AMC’s RPA capabilities. The video debuted during the ALAMO ACE & DHA Industry Day Conference in 2019.

Benefit: After partners saw the video at ALAMO ACE Conference, AMC was added to a dynamic team that won the prototype award to migrate over 100,000,000 health records from outdated legacy systems to an all-new long term data repository. AMC’s role is to utilize RPA and other automation tools to more effectively migrate data and test the health of the data as it migrates from source, to in-transit, to ultimate destination in the repository.  The advertising video below was the principal and critical catalyst to AMC attaining a slot on this winning team.